Simplified Life and Simplified Manufacturing

This is the motto that determines our company philosophy in the MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS division. But what does this mean? Our vision as well as our mission is to streamline and simplify all solutions for you. Not only for our own operations at asp gmbh, but also for you as our partner. Simplified manufacturing is the key to long-term success. The more processes can be simplified, the more money and time can be saved. The company as a whole works more stress-free, more efficiently and also more profitably. 

The team in the MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS division provides our customers with strategic and operational expertise in the lightweight modules and components segment and ensures that we are improving together every single day. 

Welded assemblies

We develop and manufacture customer-specific components and lightweight modules made of aluminium, steel and titanium for you in the segment of welded assemblies. And all this at the very highest level, because our welding specialists are, of course, specially trained in all thermal joining processes. This includes joining processes in TIG, MIG, MAG and robotic welding. It goes without saying that our company has the necessary and mandatory certificates for thermal joining processes - as well as certification as a GSI-certified welding company in accordance with EN ISO 3834-2:2005. 

This means that our specialists in the field of welding and welding assemblies are optimally prepared for all different applications and customer-specific specifications. As they have repeatedly proven in the course of daily welding procedures. 

Pipe and profile bent parts

Our core competencies in the MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS division undoubtedly include pipe and profile bent parts. Here at asp gmbh, we rely on bending processes developed in-house and bending machines specially tailored to your needs. This bending technology gives us a very clear unique selling point in many sectors. 

Quality for us at asp gmbh in the MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS division is much more than just a promise to our customers. This is the reality we live in, day after day. We guarantee our customers contours accurate to a matter of tenths. This is ensured, among other things, by our highly specialized CNC tube bending technology, our intelligent mandrel systems and the fact that we do not have to outsource the necessary heat treatments of the components elsewhere, but instead can carry out all this 'in-house' in our company under our own management. We are aligned to your individual needs on a one-to-one basis! 

Turning and milling parts

Milling and turning parts for the production of components and assemblies in lightweight construction are another one of our mainstays in the production segment. In this segment, we manufacture customer-specific parts made of aluminium, steel, titanium or plastic. 

The range and depth of production is made possible thanks to highly flexible, CNC-controlled turning and milling machines that are deployed in our company. They allow us to offer components and modules in lightweight construction as high-precision complete solutions based on your specifications and the needs of the market.

It is not just the ideas that we implement and realise for you that count with us. The corresponding machinery, which is based on the latest and most modern turning and milling technology, ensures the precise implementation of your wishes and requirements. Whether it is CNC turning, CNC milling, robotic milling or robotic milling technology, we are the experts by your side.

Sheet metal parts

Sheet metal parts are of course another pillar of MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS lightweight construction. Sheet metal parts provide significant savings in weight and are easy to work with and process without neglecting the high quality or strength that is absolutely necessary in this area.

Of course, the sheet metal parts that are used in components or entire assemblies are also machined and processed using the most advanced methods.

All existing variants on the market are covered with our processing and machining options and we have the expertise to fully align these very individual processes to your wishes.

Our portfolio of processing options for sheet metal parts or sheet metal assemblies in lightweight construction reads as follows:

  • Laser cutting
  • Punching
  • Nibbling
  • Bending of freely programmable bending radii
  • Crimping
  • Embossing
  • Deep-drawing
  • Marking 
  • Thread-cutting
  • Pressing in of press nuts

Powder coating

We are able to realise an even higher degree of flexibility in fulfilling your individual requirements in the ALUMINUM & STEEL PRODUCTS division through our own in-house powder coating facility. Not only do we operate on a just-in-time basis with short throughput times, we also guarantee you top-class quality in the field of powder coating since we manage all the processes ourselves.

And all this, of course, under our company philosophy of Simplified Manufacturing, because we are able to offer the simultaneous operation of two lines in different colours. This saves time, saves money and ensures an outstanding end result. This is made possible by flexible and economical systems technology as well as by the efficient and cost-effective pre-treatment of aluminium and steel, which we machine and process for you based on your specifications. 


Another segment that we can offer you as our customer is the delivery of pre-assembled modules and components in lightweight construction. This means that we manufacture assembly components and modules according to your individual customer specifications. Whether the components and assemblies are to be made of aluminium or steel, of course, is down to your wishes or your material requirements. 

For example, we currently supply lifting aids, patient lifts, bathtub lifts with lifting column, and bathing lounger lifts. Moreover, the company manufactures assembled armrests for wheelchairs, complete parking brake systems, ventilation mechanisms, push handle systems as well as wheel and axle systems for electric wheelchairs in the segment of assembly components and assembly modules for the medical and rehabilitation sectors. All of the mobility devices can, of course, be pre-assembled according to customer requirements in order to simplify work processes.


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