We have been operating as a company with our headquarters in Attendorn, Sauerland, since 2001. We have positioned ourselves as a competent value-added partner in the rehabilitation, medical technology and furniture industries over the years. Our core competence, which has turned us into the market leader in Europe in many areas, lies in the development and production of small and medium-sized series of components and assemblies in lightweight construction. 

What can we offer you as MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS? We have gathered a high level of manufacturing expertise through our activities in these fields.

The industry recognises us – not only in the MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS division - as a provider that can offer an efficient and fast realisation of customer-specific projects and cooperation on an equal footing as partners. Simplified Manufacturing in our company facilitates just-in-time deliveries and the optimised configuration of manufacturing processes with a high level of vertical integration. In short: We are your added value partner in the MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS division. From the initial development through to series production in small and medium-sized series. 


Satisfaction and a secure working environment in prospering markets for our employees are important to us at asp. This is why we do not provide short-term solutions, but instead offer potential applicants the option of a long-term and secure employment relationship. We see ourselves as a value-driven company with lean structures, a working environment that is characterised by personal contact and as a company with very short decision-making processes.

The confident interaction we have with our suppliers and customers is reflected in our company among our employees.

Are you interested in working for us? Then apply for one of our advertised vacancies or send us a speculative application. We look forward to hearing from you.


Asp gmbh was founded in 2001 by Klaus Hömberg, Dirk Löcker and Stefan Löcker in Attendorn as an owner-managed, value-based family company. A lot has happened in the company since then. Growth is just as important for us as for our customers, and only two years after founding we were able to expand our production capabilities to include CNC milling and turning. It would be another two years before the first assembly groups were manufactured. 

In 2011, asp GmbH received ISO 9001 certification. It is inconceivable for us at asp GmbH to stand still. Standing still represents a step backwards and immobility. It is for this very reason that we are always looking to the future – but without losing sight of the benefits of the past. We build upon our strengths and are continually improving in this regard. Keeping in mind, that 'better' is the enemy of 'well'! This is why we also have a grand vision for the future: Working together with Simplified Manufacturing and high efficiency for all involved parties.


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